Let’s Develop Our Research Center

Steven K. Rogstad
Executive Director

April 2023

The SCHRC’s 40th Anniversary is gearing up for what will be an awesome celebration in 2023! I would like to take this opportunity to tell you ways in which the Center can benefit from the part you can play in perpetuating the valuable service it provides to the people of Sheboygan County. You are a key player in the Center’s continued sustainability and growth. There are 5 ways you can help:

SHARE THE VISION OF GROWTH. Everybody associated with the Research Center is vested in its success. The Board of Directors, committee members, staff, volunteers, donors, supporters, advocates, and researchers all share a vision of what the organization is today, but especially what it has the potential to be going forward. As it acquires additional historical collections, the Center enlarges its capability to chronicle regional history by expanding into other counties.  The organization’s relevance lies in its ability to absorb collections that perhaps cannot be deposited elsewhere. As smaller historical societies and other organizations face the challenges of storage, funding, staffing, and preservation, the SCHRC is positioned to accept these collections, so that the histories of communities outside of Sheboygan County may also be preserved, adding to the rich history of Wisconsin.

IMPROVE THE CENTER’S VISIBILTY. Common comments I often hear are, “I have driven past your building for years and never knew what it was” or “What does the Research Center do?” or “What is a Research Center?” or “Can the Center help me find out more about my family history?” I was amazed by the number of people who toured our recent holiday Treemendous Celebration who told me that they always wondered what was in in the building, but had never stopped in. As an advocate of the Center, please tell people about the Research Center and how it has helped you in your own personal research journey. A personal testimonial from you can work wonders at encouraging others to discover what the SCHRC has to offer.

MAKE A DONATION. We just launched our Annual Campaign.  It is always our largest fundraiser of the year and we count on your support to continue the great work of the SCHRC. Please consider increasing your donation this 40th anniversary year. The letter you recently received identifies specific areas where your gift can really make a difference. Also, please consider sponsoring an event or a project. I just love it when we can demonstrate to people what our members and supporters are willing to do for the organization. Please contact me if you have any questions or ideas concerning sponsorships (I am never without ideas on how you can participate and help!).

VOLUNTEER. I encourage you stop by the Center and see what our volunteers do on a daily basis. They digitize photographs, organize files, work with maps, process collections and work on specific projects. All of the work performed by our volunteers is crucial to the Center’s ability to manage and care for the collections, while organizing it in such a manner that researchers are able to easily access it. Their work lies at the heart of the organization’s mission which is to collect county history and share it. Would you consider giving a few hours of your time to help the Center? I hope you will!


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