Newest Collections

Sheboygan Press Collection
The Sheboygan Press photo collection is made up of more than 5000 images, mainly 8 x 10, black and white images from 1980 to 2000. Also included are thousands of news files that cover the county’s history from the past 100 years.

The Sheboygan Press clipping collection
This collection is made up of more than 20,000 files relevant to Sheboygan County. At present it is being processed. A small portion is ready for use by researchers

Architectural Collections

Weeks Collection
The Weeks Collection was acquired from LJM Architects of Sheboygan. It consists of 16 drawers of drawings and information from 471 Weeks architectural projects beginning in 1905 with the Eliza Prange home on Erie Avenue. The final projects are from the 1980s.

The tradition of architecture began early in the Weeks family with Arvin (1810-1888). Arvin designed Sheboygan’s First Baptist Church, now a part of Jake’s Café and Thomas Blackstock’s beautiful Italianate home on Washington Court among other things. His son, W.C. Weeks (1856-1937) designed the Henry Detling home on Huron Avenue and the Henry Jung home at Fifth and Ontario. William F. Weeks, nephew of W.C. designed the Sheboygan County Courthouse built in 1933 in the Art Deco style. And finally, William F. Weeks designed many of Sheboygan’s most prestigious homes including those of W.A. Reiss and H.C. Prange. Among his most notable works is the Plastics Engineering Company office.

Wasserman Collection
The Eugene Wasserman Archive and Project Files are contained in 30 flat files. The flat file archive represents 19 years of Eugene Wasserman‘s projects from approximately 1951-1970. The collection is representative of the work of an award winning architect effectively blending mid-century modernism to Wisconsin sensibilities.