Lincoln Among the Badgers

Title: Lincoln Among the Badgers: Rediscovering Sites Associated with Abraham and Mary Lincoln in Wisconsin.
Author: Steven K. Rogstad
Publisher: Mill House Press (2020)

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SCHRC will be closed from Monday, February 15, 2021 through Monday, March 1, 2021 for Archiving. We close twice each year in order to process the collection material that is donated to SCHRC.

The facility is closed to all researchers and volunteers for this two week period. All queries wait until after March 1, 2021. Only book orders are processed.

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Story of the Week

Tombstone Tuesday – Eizenkreuzen  –

Burial crosses come in all shapes, sizes and composition. Meant to memorialize the dead and speed their transition to the afterlife, crosses grace cemeteries all over the United States.

The earliest grave markers were usually made of natural fieldstone, sometimes cairns, sometimes crosses. Wood, if available, was used if available, but because of its short lifespan, 50-100 years at best, few old examples survive. Sandstone, granite and marble followed as society put more importance on death rituals.
Style-wise, Latin crosses had a three-step base signifying the Holy Trinity. Celtic Crosses, sported a circle intersecting the upright and the crossbar. One theory is that the ring is a halo, or the sun. It is also thought that Irish monks combined the sun-god idea with the Christian cross to ease the transition for those of the old Irish religions. The crucifix, one of the most common types of cross, depicts the corpus or the body of Christ.

Tombstone Tuesday, continued

A Hidden Gem

The Sheboygan County Historical Research Center is a hidden gem saving resources that would have otherwise been lost. A collaborative effort lasting nearly thirty years, the Research Center works with everyone to collect and share information.

Marge Jagler
Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Research Success Stories

Thank you so much for your dedication and quick service! My family is forever grateful you helped us find my grandmother’s family.

Casey F.
Plymouth, WI

Many thanks for the amazing response to my request for information about Edward F. Zinns and his Milwaukee Graphite Company. For a quarter-century I was Head of Reference at the State Archives of Michigan, so I know good public service when I see it. Thanks for monitoring your business email after-hours. Given the caliber of the service you provide, I am not surprised. Your outstanding work on my behalf needs to be rewarded, and I would like to show my gratitude with a donation to your institution.

Le Roy G. Barnett, PhD
Contributing Editor
Historical Society of Michigan

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The collection is comprised of things like scrapbooks, research books on genealogical topics and history, school yearbooks, State of Wisconsin blue books, church histories and anniversary books, tax records, diaries and biographies, local history books written by local authors about many of Sheboygan County’s villages, Garton Toy catalogs, Phoenix Chair and other furniture company catalogs and Sheboygan Press newspapers.

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