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2021 Taproom History


July 15, 2021
Fat Cow, Sheboygan Falls

Fake News and Fake Facts in the Lincoln Murder Conspiracies with Steven Rogstad


Join Steven Rogstad as he presents, “Examining Lincoln Murder Conspiracies.”

Today, most historians and the general public agree that John Wilkes Booth, one of President Abraham Lincoln’s favorite actors, headed the conspiracy to murder the President, cabinet officers and Vice President Andrew Johnson. Throughout the 149 years since the Lincoln assassination, some Americans – and even some historians – have found it difficult to believe that John Wilkes Booth, a mere actor, could orchestrate such a horrible crime. That one individual, acting with a rag-tag assemblage of comrades, could actually change the course of history and fell a national hero at the height of his popularity and at a time of great celebration, seems far-fetched to many.

Stop in, have a burger and a drink and learn about the plethora of crazy stories about the assassination.

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What’s in a Name? The 99 Hall 



This week’s landmark property – Erie Oil
Built in the Art Deco style, designed by Edgar Stubenrauch, architect, the two sites were more like works of art than gas stations.

Erie Oil Company began back in 1924 as a two-pump gas station at 14th and Erie in Sheboygan. H.J. Blocki, M.N. Filz and A.W. Schultz founded the firm. According to a 1953 press clipping the company marketed its own line of gasoline and provided tires and other automotive services.
The company, which was known for the Art Deco styling of its facilities, later expanded to other locations. A station at 8th and Kentucky and a station, along with a parking lot at 9th and Niagara. The parking lot was one of the first automobile parking lots in the city. By the late 1930s the 9th and Niagara location appears to have been shuttered. The Erie Oil Company itself later faded into the pages of Sheboygan history.

It was thought this style in Sheboygan was almost too decorative for its purpose. The distinctive décor of the Erie Oil Company was always an attraction. At night, a prominent feature of the station, was its name written in neon lights.

The photos were taken about 1939.
Art Deco, also called style moderne, was a movement in the decorative arts and architecture and originated in the 1920s. The distinguishing features of the style are simple, clean shapes, often with a “streamlined” look; ornament that is geometric or stylized from representational forms; and unusually varied, often expensive materials, which frequently include man-made substances (plastics, especially Bakelite; vita-glass; and ferroconcrete) in addition to natural ones (jade, silver, ivory, obsidian, chrome, and rock crystal).



On the Road with Lincoln
Spring Travel Resource


This summer will be exciting. And everyone wants to out traveling. But, some may hesitate. Well, here’s a fantastic way to see Wisconsin, learn some great history and travel, travel, travel.

Lincoln Among the Badgers is as much a travel guide as it is a history book. Filled with day trips, great photos, historical trivia, exciting stories, and much more. This your key to seeing Wisconsin in a whole new way.

Grab your book. Jump into your car and head for one of the 31 sites associated in some way with Abraham or Mary Todd Lincoln. Bring a lunch or stop at a drive-in. Enjoy the sunshine and freedom.

But, you will need your own copy of LINCOLN AMONG THE BADGERS.

To get your copy, CLICK HERE

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Marge Jagler
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Thank you so much for your dedication and quick service! My family is forever grateful you helped us find my grandmother’s family.

Casey F.
Plymouth, WI

Many thanks for the amazing response to my request for information about Edward F. Zinns and his Milwaukee Graphite Company. For a quarter-century I was Head of Reference at the State Archives of Michigan, so I know good public service when I see it. Thanks for monitoring your business email after-hours. Given the caliber of the service you provide, I am not surprised. Your outstanding work on my behalf needs to be rewarded, and I would like to show my gratitude with a donation to your institution.

Le Roy G. Barnett, PhD
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Historical Society of Michigan

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