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German Genealogy Seminar


New Board Members Announced


Back to the Future with Steve R.


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History and You Radio Spots

Terry Stevenson and Steve Rogstad talk
after taping History and You.

Ep. 29: Booth’s Mummy

Ep. 28: John Dillinger

Ep. 27: On the Road with Lincoln

Ep. 26: German Genealogy Seminar

Ep. 25: Lincoln Douglas Debates

Ep. 24: Black Hawk Symposium

Ep. 23: John Wilkes Booth Mummy Taproom

Ep. 22: Dillinger’s Connection Sheboygan

Ep. 21: German Genealogy Seminar

Ep. 20: Lincoln Bus Tour

Ep. 19: Lincoln Douglas Debates

Ep. 18: Black Hawk War

Ep. 17: William Coxshall

Ep. 16: On the Road with Lincoln 2019

Ep. 15: Membership

Ep. 14: Collections

Ep. 13: Taproom History

YouTube Videos

The Summer Sausage Story

Meet the Johnsonville members who share their 260+ years of sausage-making experience, how summer sausage got its name, and how Dynamite Bill helped save the town and the sausage factory, once and for all.

A Bratwurst Story

Around the Corner with John McGivern

Oh Lakeland with Rick Dodgson