History and You

Join Steve Rogstad and Terry Stevenson of Manitowoc’s Lake 98.1 radio each week for something new in local history and its connection to the larger world. These short radio spots highlight pieces of local history. Fun stuff. Please listen in.

The 1918 Spanish Flu  —NEW

1930s Milk Strikes  –  NEW

Olympic Wear in Sheboygan

Old Abe and the Screamin Eagles

The History of Lunch Counters

Frank Lloyd and Sheboygan

Chair City

Crazy Archaic Laws

Dr. Nicholas Senn and Surgical Firsts

The Resurgence of the KKK

The Origin of the Bubbler

An Uncommon Friendship with Jackie Robinson

Pickled Eggs Galore!

The Mystery of John Wilkes Booth’s Mummy

The Decimation of Dutch Elm Disease

The Rise of Tourist Camps

Sheboygan County Fair

The Strangler and Pro Wrestling

Friendly Fire in Sheboygan County

TV Comes to Sheboygan County

The Era of the Bomb Shelter –  NEW

Sheboygan’s Laibach Neighborhood  –  NEW

Antarctic Mts. and the Sheboygan Connection  –  NEW

Fly Tying with Helen Shaw

Builders of the Brooklyn Bridge

The Infamous Dr. Till

Defunct Careers

Frederick Law Olmstead and Kohler Village

The Scourge of Typhoid

The Mighty Mackinac Bridge

History of Deer Hunting

The Vollrath Tea Kettle

Sheboygan’s Biggest Little House

William Coxshall, Who is this guy?

John Dillinger’s Connection to Sheboygan

National Air Mail Week

Lake Michigan Aircraft Carriers

Sheboygan Falls’ Free Hall

WWII Prisoner of War Camps

Sheboygan Falls’ Octagon House