Leather Ties by Lou Helen Kirschling is a family history of the tanner, Charles A. Mueller and the shoemaker’s daughter, Barbara Wolf. The title references the fact that it was leather that brought these families together.

While most people don’t think much about anything leather or the importance of leather today, in the 1800’s, leather was big business. The families of Port Washington Mayor, Charles A. Mueller, and Wisconsin State Senator, Louis Wolf, were well-known pioneers in the early history of Port Washington and Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin.

Leather Ties documents their families’ immigration journeys from what is now Germany to Wisconsin. It also includes some information about the Kaestner families of Sheboygan and the Blong families of Port Washington.

This book is much more than a family history, included are wonderful stories and little known facts about Port Washington and Sheboygan Falls.  It’s a good read.