Today we know Lippers Mills as the Village of Franklin. Tucked away along the Sheboygan River in Town Herman, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin sits an unincorporated village. This slightly out-of-the-way place is located twelve miles northwest of the city of Sheboygan just off County Hwy A four miles west of Howards Grove.

In 1847, the area along the river was wooded by large popple trees within a vast thick forest of white pine and mixed hardwoods. It was also the site of a large Indian camp.

For the first few years, the village was called Lippers Mills because the people had come from Lippe-Detmold, Germany, and thus were called Lippers.  The Mills refers to the sawmill and a flour mill constructed there on a stretch of rapids on the Sheboygan River.

It was 170 years ago and over 4,000 miles away that a group of 112 people from the village of Langenholzhausen, Lippe-Detmold, Germany left for America. They were in search of better opportunities leaving poverty, political chaos, and religious persecution.

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