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Preserving Sheboygan County

The Sheboygan County Historical Research Center (SCHRC), located in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, specializes in the preservation and storage of written records of all of Sheboygan County and the surrounding area.  

Our Services

The Historical Research Center offers a number of services for researchers including: genealogy or history queries, furniture or toy queries, cemetery or gravestone photos, Register of Deeds research, obituary research and foreign language translation.  Contact us to learn more!


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Featured Collection

SCHRC has received a great collection of photos from Sheboygan's Bratwurst Days - 1953 through 1958, 33 images in all. In this photo we see Larry Bray and Bart Hoekstra putting up advertising.


Volunteer Focus

Dr. Scott Noegel's historical research frequently graces the pages of SCHRC's The Researcher. His last piece on Carl Renatus Erbe was a hit. Scott was recently awarded an honorary doctorate from UW-Milwaukee, his alma mater.

Sheboygan County Historical Research Center

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Closed Saturday, July 2, 2016 for Independence Day. 

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Parnell Tower, town of Mitchell; see the Kettle Moraine from above.

History Tidbits

Sargento Foods, SCHRC corporate sponsor, was established in 1949 when Leonard Gentine opened a modest cheese store in a small carriage house in Plymouth, Wisconsin. He called it The Plymouth Cheese Counter. It was here that he noticed an emerging demand for Italian-style cheeses. Seeing an opportunity to provide his community with something that was missing inspired him. Leonard approached his friend and neighbor, Joe Sartori, and convinced him to partner in a new business: selling Italian-style natural cheeses to nearby stores. The two men took the “Sar” from Sartori, the “Gent” from Gentine, added an “o” to sound Italian, and the Sargento Cheese Company was born in 1953.  THANKS SARGENTO!