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Dynamite Bill, A Blasters’ Blaster
Every community has its share of characters, people that are larger than life and provide more than their share of fodder for storytelling. Plymouth’s George Gardner, better known as Dynamite Bill, a veritable Paul Bunyan of the blasting profession, was one of those characters.

Born in Door County in 1887, Gardner started his life in demolition as a powder monkey in a stone quarry.  Two years with the Rainbow Division’s demolition squad in World War I honed his skills with dynamite. After the Great War he returned to Plymouth and made a name for himself, leading a life that alternated between celebrity and hermit.   FOR THE ENTIRE STORY,

Korean War project

SCHRC friend, member and research assistant, Richard Stoelb, is working on a Korean War project. He's interested in memories, stories, photos and interviews with soldiers and family members. Please get involved.

You can call Dick at 920-467-4667 or email him at richardstoelb@schrc.org. Please share your story or your loved one's story. We need you to make this a great project and book.


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