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Te Ronde Windmill

Preserving Sheboygan County

The Sheboygan County Historical Research Center (SCHRC), located in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, specializes in the preservation and storage of written records of all of Sheboygan County and the surrounding area.

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      Te Ronde Windmill

​Here's a correction to last week’s article on Buchen Baum. The TeRonde windmill on Windmill Beach is actually owned by Cynthia Voskuil and used as a summer cottage.

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An Ode to Irish Immigrants

Stone fences once crisscrossed the hilly landscape of western Sheboygan County, dividing farm fields into manageable sizes and ridding the arable land of its limestone litter left by the last glacier. A five-acre field broken by a single horse and a one-bottom plow was work enough for a pioneer farmer of the 1840s.  Though all pioneer farmers dealt with the overabundance of native stone, no group is more closely associated with them than the Irish. 
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     In 1933, the Wisconsin milk market was in turmoil. This event involved a series of strikes conducted by a cooperative group of Wisconsin dairy farmers in an attempt to raise the price of milk paid to producers during the Great Depression.

     Three main strike periods occurred in 1933, with length of time and level of violence increased during each one. The third series of strikes ran from October 21 to November 18, and a larger portion of Wisconsin was affected by them.
     Creameries near Plymouth and Fond du Lac, Wisconsin were bombed around November 1, 1933. A cheese factory near Belgium, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin was dynamited and burned. Creameries in Krakow and Zachow, in Shawano County, Wisconsin, were bombed Friday, November 3, 1933. In all, seven creameries were bombed and thousands of pounds of milk were dumped.
     Local newspapers reported that farmers lost $10 million during the strikes.

Visit the library at the Research Center. Search for your family. Check out the historic mural on the east wall of SCHRC. It once hung in the Sheboygan County Courthouse.