The Light on the House at the Top of the Stairs by Patrick W. Curtiss

Port Washington, Wisconsin has a rich history when it comes to the four lighthouses that have served the harbor and the port.

From 1849 through present day, the lighthouses have played an important role in directing ships on Lake Michigan, whether it was to aid them to dock in Port Washington or just mark their journey to other Great Lakes ports along their way.

In times of bad weather, the beacon at the top of St. Mary’s hill or the light at the entrance to the harbor was a very welcoming sight to the captain and crew who were battling the storms that all too frequently appeared without warning.

In this book you will find information on each of the four lighthouses and the men and women who tended to the light. Whether they were male or female, those brave souls tended to the lights 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

57 pages, color photos