Sheboygan, Wisconsin is a city whose history and economy was built on water and water-related businesses. Situated on the western shore of Lake Michigan at the mouth of the Sheboygan River, Sheboygan’s early history takes place on or along either the lake or the river. Topics covered in this book include the businesses along the Sheboygan River including the shipyards and fish shanties, the parade of bridges over the Sheboygan River, the port and growth of the harbor including the use of the region’s first steam shovel, the construction of the piers, and breakwater, the variety of lighthouses, the jetties, the development of Broughton Drive, the Yacht Club, the Naval Reserve, and the Life Saving Station.

There is a fantastic section on the C. Reiss Coal Company, When Coal Was King, with beautiful images of the fleet and the company’s subsidiaries.