Boxcar Bungalow Boys is the WWII diary of Martin Beil. This Foreward by Martin’s grand-nephew, Martin Bell states,” Men usually do not tend to write down their thoughts in diaries. War, however, when lives can be over from one moment to another can make men, who have never written down their memories, ideas and fears, become authors.

Martin Beil was born in 1909in Overursel, Germany as the 10th child out of eleven and the youngest of six sons to Karl and Anna Beil. War seemed to be far away then. Imperial Germany had been founded in 1871, when several German kingdoms, and principalities under Prussian leadership defeated France in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871.  Since then Germany had become a continental power in Europe, but two generations of Germans had never experienced war, which was quite unusual for that time. War, however, were an issue over generations of the past and the future of Martin Beil.

This is the story of Martin Beil and his brothers who left Germany for the United States to avoid lifelong conscription in the Germany Army (More to come)