The Beauty of Waukesha Springs with John Schoenknecht

From 1868-1918, Waukesha, Wisconsin was a center of the mineral spring water industry. Following the discovery of the healing powers of Bethesda Spring by Colonel Richard Dunbar in 1868, the mineral springs industry grew by leaps and bounds. At first, people crowded the city to taste the waters. Then, as the rich and famous visited the city, it became a social center and vacation destination. Finally, large regional and national bottlers established plants in the city.

Through newspaper articles, written accounts and diaries, along with hundreds of photographs from his private collection, John Schoenknecht will paint a picture of this fabulous time in Waukesha history, and of its sad decline.


May 14 2022


9:30 am - 11:30 am


Plymouth Arts Center
520 East Mill Street, Plymouth, WI


Research Center
(920) 467-4667


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