The Remarkable Story of the Early Maritime Family of Johann Lutz  by Thomas J. Lutz

Johann Lutz, a young German immigrant, arrived in the United States in 1847 and joined the early fishermen on the shores of Lake Michigan in 1950. He soon was one of the first to fish from a rowboat and when the first from Sheboygan to fish from a fishing tug. His five sons followed in his footsteps to become great sailors on Lake Michigan. Yet, their contributions would to unacknowledged, even unrecognized by other Wisconsin Lutz relatives soon after.

Join author, Tom Lutz, as he documents the history of this German immigrant and his family who played out their influential roles as part of the early maritime history of the upper Midwest.

This story involves the settlement of Pine Grove, a once booming settlement south of Sheboygan, Chicago, the Great Lakes states and so much more.  It’s much larger than just a biography of the Lutz family.