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Black River is one of Sheboygan County’s most beautiful and historic areas. Running most of the length of the town of Wilson adjacent to Lake Michigan, Evergreen Drive is the backbone of the community.

Prior to European settlement, the largest Native American gathering in the county, a continuous line that stretched for ten miles along the sandy shoreline, was the eastern edge of Black River. Though the last Indians camped at the mouth of the Black River as long ago as 1877 their influence remains.

An 1862 Town of Wilson plat map shows the area settled by farmers with pieces of land from 40 to 160 acres in size, typical of early settlement patterns.

A 1916 map shows the first small subdivisions for summer homes and cottages. By 1930, Black River had become a summer haven for those looking to get away from the hot temperatures of city life. Evergreen Drive began to take shape.

This book full of beautiful color photos, will be a fun tour of the area, its history, the areas’ artists, the environment and wildlife, its Native American history and so much more.

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