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CANCELLED – Mystery of Poverty Island with Richard Bennett

Due to the surge in Covid19 cases Mr. Bennett has declined coming to Plymouth to do his presentation. This program has been cancelled.  We will reschedule Richard at a later date.

Thanks for your understanding.



Richard Bennett, a professional diver and author of ‘The Poverty Island Sunken Treasure Brief’, has spent over forty-five years and $100,000 of his own money searching for a Civil War treasure in Lake Michigan. His belief in the treasure has been bolstered by Steve Harrington, a maritime historian, but another historian, Chuck Feltner, debates the veracity of the treasure since there is no record of a ship sinking there despite flawlessly kept records of ships lost on Lake Michigan. However, Richard believes that there would be no record because the treasure was brought during a clandestine operation.

Despite that belief, there is a story that a group of sailors might have accidentally snagged one of the trunks in 1929. They discovered the trunks while pulling up anchor, but before they could get it aboard, the anchor chain snapped and treasure and anchor were lost in the water. A few years later, Karl Jesson, the son of the Poverty Island lighthouse keeper, reported watching a salvage crew that seemed to make an exciting discovery in Lake Michigan just before their ship was sunk by a storm. The sunken salvage ship Captain Lawrence from 1933 was discovered in 1993 and found not to contain the gold. Nevertheless, Bennett is quite confident that he is very close to the treasure.


Oct 10 2020


9:30 am - 11:30 am


No Cost


Plymouth Arts Center
520 East Mill Street, Plymouth, WI


Research Center
(920) 467-4667
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