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Exciting DNA Updates for Genealogy

People have been studying genealogy for about as long as there have been people – remember all those “begat”s in the Bible? – but these days something has been added: Genetics.

The sharp fall in cost and rise in effectiveness of genetic testing, an increase in our understanding of humanity’s genetic history, and the spread of online databases and commercial sites allowing easy comparison has expanded the search for ancestors way beyond dusty books and records. So we wondered: How has this affected what sometimes is called America’s most popular hobby?

Kiel Public Library presents a refresher class in DNA and genealogy. Learn about updates in tests and the amazing advances in genetic genealogy. In this class, we’ll do an update on tests available, talk about information gleaned from each of the major tests and a then talk about how forensic genealogy works.

This class is offered in tandem with Kiel Public Library’s November Book Talk selection, Inheritance by Dani Shapiro, a real life story of family secrets and the use of DNA to find answers to many genealogical questions.  See other events for the book talk info.


Nov 11 2019


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Free of Charge


Kiel Public Library
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