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If your family lived in Sheboygan County for three years or for three generations we would love to try to help you tell their story.  Your researcher will try to exhaust all possibilities from the collection, to get you as much information as they can... even if your question cannot be answered specifically. We will send you peripheral information as well because one never knows when one tiny piece will pull the puzzle together.

Historical Research Fees

The Research Center charges $30.00 per hour, plus the cost of copies and postage, to perform research.  We recommend two to three hours to start - complete and accurate research takes time!

How Do I Request a Query?

Each query should arrive here in written form via snail mail or e-mail with advance payment required. We ask that you give us a synopsis of what you know and what you'd like to know, as to cut down on repeat information. 

How Long Before I Get My Results?

Queries are processed in the order in which they arrive at SCHRC. Average response time is two to three weeks after the SCHRC receives your request. Wait time may be longer when query volume is up or if you have a particularly challenging question or elusive family. You will be made aware of extended wait times.

How Do I Get Started?

Email us  your query request or send it via U.S. Postal to:  

518 Water Street
Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085

Checks can be made out to:  SCHRC

Furniture Queries

Furniture queries are slightly different than a standard genealogy query. There are two avenues to finding information on specific pieces of furniture produced by Sheboygan County furniture companies.

The first option for information involves the purchase of a book entitled Chairs. It is a general history of all of the furniture companies that have done business in Sheboygan County since its founding. The book was written by Janice Hildebrand. It sells for $10.00 plus 5% sales tax (for Wisconsin residents) and $4.00 shipping. This publication will give general information about a company's years of operation, etc.

Depending on your needs a second option for you might be our query service. Furniture queries are $30.00. You will need to send us a photo of your furniture noting any identifying marks and serial numbers. Our historian will try to find these items in the catalogs in our holdings.  Keep in mind we do not have a complete set of catalogs.   They will send any information they find, plus a history of the appropriate company. Please feel free to ask questions concerning the companies.

Garton Toy Queries

For 95 years, Garton Toy Company of Sheboygan manufactured millions of toys and employed thousands of people. It was so famous that one shade of paint on its wagons, tricycles, and some car models was officially known as Garton Red within the industry. The company had showrooms in New York, Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles and sold toys internationally. The company made useful articles (wagons, small tables, and chairs) and luxury toys, like its famous Kidillac.

Toy queries are also $30.00 per hour.  You will need to send photos of your toy and any identifying marks so that they can be compared to the catologs in our holdings.  We do not have a complete set of catalogs.