Our newest Legacy Society Members- 2016

Robert and Marion Gorges
Chad Wilcox
In Memory of Rodney Prinsen 

John and Deloris Ballhorn
​William and LuAnne Cleary Benninghaus

​Dolores Hilpertshauser

James and Virginia Hoelter

Tom and Joanne Howe

Julilly Kohler

Steve and Jane Brasser Shaver

Dolores Slesrick

Thomas and Wendy Testwuide

​Kathleen Walker


SCHRC's generous Legacy Society Members

Acuity Foundation

Julia Baer

Conrad and Barbara Barrows

John Holden family- Deborah Baughman

Ron and Darla Becker

Richard and Kristin Bemis

Susan Bemis

F.K. Bemis Family Foundation - Erin Bemis

Society of Mayflower Descendants

Hayssen Family Foundation

Sid and Virginia Bouma

Dale and Judith Brasser

Norma and Richard Brill

Frank G. and Frieda K. Brotz Family Foundation

Richard Daehnert

Hugh and Mary Denison

Dean and Beth Dippel

Randy and Becky Dippel

Robert Doherty

Mary Lynne Donohue and Tim Van Akkeren

Jim and Nancy Eberhardt

Feingold Charitable Foundation - Alan Feingold

Myrtle and Marvin Feldman

Tony and Leda Fessler

David Fox

Mary Lou Andre Frank

Michael Fredrich Charitable Foundation - Michael Fredrich

James and Joan French

Sargento Foods

Masters Gallery Foods

Oostburg State Bank

Ron and Kate Herman

Roy and Chris Herzog

Janice Hildebrand

James and Virginia Hoelter

Kohler Company

Wayne and Janet Huehns

Jane Huenink Loo

James and Vonnie Huibregtse

Margaret and James Jagler

Dick and Nancy Johnsen

Carolyn Johnson

Henry and Eleanor Jung

John and Nancy Jusky

Jim and Gina Kauer

Sue Kennedy

Steve Kestell

Katherine King

Roger and Jane Klettke

Earl and Charmaine Kneevers

Ruth Kohler

Windway Fdn. - Terry and Mary Kohler

La Monte Kolste

Rick and Pamela Kroos

Mike and Joanie Krubsack

James and Elizabeth Kuplic

Barbara Kurten

Ronald Laack

Nancy Leach

Kohler Foundation - Teri Yoho
Glenn and Lorraine Lemmenes

​David and Sally Lensink

Stephen and Julia Loo Sutcliffe

Garton Family Foundation

Philip and Dianne Luhmann

Sandy Mahlich

Ann McIntyre

Marilyn Mondloch

Mark Nemschoff

Scott and Laurie Noegel

Bonnie Paplham

Allen and Marilyn Payne

Larry and Marge Pearce

Janet Radue

Jos. and Evelyn Richardson Fdn.- Joseph Richardson II

Mary Risseeuw

Rogene and Tom Roth

Marlys and Robert Ryan

James and Carmen Schultz

Rob and Andrea Sellinger

Judy Sisson

Gene and Phyllis Smith

Janna and Richard Soerens

Virginia Suhrke

Paul and Donna Ten Pas

Konrad and Mary Jo Testwuide

Gretchen Tinkle

Gerry and Sharon Van De Kreeke

Sue Van De Kreeke

Stefano and Whitney Viglietti

Robert Vogt

Victoria Vollrath

William and Jean Schott Wagner

Warren Wieser

Joseph and Sandra Zagozen

Ronald and Martha Zoutendam

Sheboygan County Medical Society - Larry Zweben

legacy society membership

SCHRC receives no regular financial support from tax dollars or public funds.  Memberships and donations, services and programming fees are the only sources of financial support.  Join today to receive membership perks! Simply complete this SCHRC Membership Application to become a member and mail it in, or drop it off, along with your check or cash.

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  • Recipient of The Researcher Newsletter mailed 6 times per year

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  • Recognition in the Annual Report and The Researcher

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