The Sheboygan County Historical Research Center has the following biographies listed below. More to come!

The Anderson Papers:  The Civil War Diaries & Letters of James S. Anderson, Co. A, 5th Wisc. Volunteers, Manitowoc, WI
By Anderson, James S.

Through the Years
By Anderson, Agnes Kraemer

Saints Sinners and Beecher
By Stowe, Lyman Beecher

Henry F. Belitz, "Father of Kiel"
Buy Majkrzak, Edwin, compiler

Heritage Memories from the Life of Clarence Beuchel
By Haack, Jamie

A Brief Memoir of Frank Boldt
By Boldt, Frank

Research Review - George C. Boldt
By Boldt, George C.

White House on the Hill:  A True Story of a Young Farm Boy; Growing up in Sheboygan County, between 1923-1939
By Borkenhagen, Martin H.

Life with God's Children
By Borkenhagen, Martin H.

Gertrude Bowler's Scrap Book (History about Democratic Party in Wisconsin)
By Bowler, Gertrude

Memory Highlights
By Brotz, Helen Rose

Diary of Sue Isabel Andrews Brown: 1928-1932
By Brown, Sue Isabel Andrews

John G. Buchen: His Story Based on Conversations about his Life and Career 1920-2003
By Millen, Martha E.

Memoirs of Friedrich Herman Konrad Buer (Civil War personal narritives)
By Buker, Friedrich Herman Konrad (1840-1924)

Diary of Rev. Charles Camp (Early Sheboygan Minister)
By Camp, Charles W.

Diary of John F. Chase 1863-1864
By Chase, John F.

A Line a Day, 1905-1906
By Clark, Joseph

A Round-trip Ticket to Sheboygan Falls:  Lucille Clark - The First Thirty-Eight Years
By Peterson, Claire Clark

Wilmer Dana (2 vols.)
By Dana, Wilmer

M.J. (Mike) Deeley by Himself
By Deeley, Michael J.

What I Remember About my Parents and Home 1883-1895
By DeSmidt, Sylvester J.

James Duane Doty: Frontier Promoter
By Smith, Alice Elizabeth

Jim's Brother II...Things I forgot to tell you
By Dykstra, Richard A.

Autobiography of Carolin Redman Edelblute
By Edelblute, Caroline Redman

Memoirs of Jacob Foster
By Foster, Jacob

Edwin Broun Fred
By Johnson, Diane

Der Turner Soldat (Civil War Turners)
By Miller, C. Eugene & Forrest F. Steinlage

From Then Until Now: The Life of James J. Gergisch, March 17, 1929-March 17, 1999
By Gergisch, James J.

Thanks for the Memories (Includes Goodell Family Genealogy)
By Goodell, George S.

The Memories of Frank B. Groh
By Groh, Frank B.

Three Score and Ten Years
By Grollmus, August F., Rev.

My Autobiography
By Grollmus, Evelyne Krueger

Memoirs of Milford J. Harmelink
By Harmelink, Milford J.

Mark Harrison (Newspaper Clippings concerning Harrison)
By Laun, Peter, Compiler

Unser Choe: All Bases Covered (Baseball in Sheboygan)
By Thuemmler, Kurt M.

Adventures on Land and Sea
By Hayssen, A. G.

Robert James Hefling, 1915-1989
By McMullen, Tom

Mayme Faas Heidenreiter Diaries: 1931-1961 (13 vols.)
By Heidenreiter, Mayme Fass

Thomas Heraty Diary 1863-1919
By Heraty, Thomas

Thomas Heraty Diary of 1918
By Heraty, Thomas

Mary Heronymus Date Book
By Heronymus, Mary C.

Mama, Papa & Junior
By Hertel, Henry, Jr.

William Higby's Diary: 1878
By Higby, William

Diary of Charles Hill
By Hill, Charles Henry

Life of William Dempster Hoard
By Rankin, George William

Diary of Hazel Holland (various years from 1979 to 1998)
By Holland, Hazel

The Village of Howards Grove
By Schwinn, Marie

Emma Horn Huberty, Diary and Photographs (World War I - Personal Narritives)
By Huberty, Emma Horn

I was Never Miss Bratwurst Queen of Sheboygan
By Huibregtse, Jeanne

Humphrey's Civil War Collection
By Humphrey's Amherst

Diary of William H. Huyck (Civil War)
By Huyck, William H.

Jerry Joslyn's autobiography
By Joslyn, Jerry

Reminiscing with Richard: Richard Henry Jung, That Is
By Millen, Martha E.

Lest We Forget
By Kachelmeier, Malvin J.

Golden Jubilee of the World's Champion Cheesemaker (The)
By Kasper, P.H.

Kohler, A political biography of Walter J. Kohler, Jr.
By Fossedal, Gregory A.

Distinguished Service: the Life of Walter J. Kohler, Jr.
By Reeves, Thomas C.

Picking Up Bottles: John W. Koning Biography
By Koning, John W., Jr.

Reflections of a Sheboygan County Farmwife
By Koppelmann, Elmer R.

My Story
By Koppelmann, Elmer R.

Kraft, Dr. Siefried 1883-1943 (Private letters and information about Dr. Kraft)
By Schrader, Helen, Compiler

As I Recall
By Kranendonk, Robert

Chronicle of Rev. L.F.E. Krause; Trinity Lutheran Church of Freistadt, Mequon, WI (First Lutheran Pastor to work in Wisconsin
By Krause, Lebrecht Friedrich Ehregott

My Life History
By Kruis, Henry

Memories in the Lifetime of Armond Kueter
By Kueter, Armond

The Story of My Life (vols. 1 and 3)
By Kuhlow, Edgar L.

This & That.  About Yesteryears and About My Ancestors
By Kuhlow, Edgar L.

La Follette's Autobiography
By La Follette, Robert M.

Robert M. La Follette and the Insurgent Spirit
By Thelen, David P.

Adventure in Politics:  Memoirs of Philip LaFollette (The)
By Young, Donald, ed.

Increase A. Lapham: Scientist and Scholar
By Clark, James I.

Four Generations: Events in the Lives of Gerrit Willem Linsink, Arent Jan Willem Lensink,
By Lensink, Arnon John

No Peddlers Allowed
By Schumann, Alfred

My Life's Fabric
By Leverenz, Robert H.

William Limberg Diary
By Limberg, William

Daisy's Chicago Heritage
By Schriner, Gertrude & Margaret Rogers

The Diary of Rudolph Lueder: 1884-1893
By Schmidt, Nancy & Rudolph Lueder

Remeber My Name in Sheboygan; Recollections of Another Time and Another Place
By Martin, Glenn W.

Prisoner 19053: A True Story of a 14 Year Old Boy Who Spent 3 Years in a Nazi Concentration Camp 1941-1945
By Matzner, Robert

Three Score Years and Ten Plus
By Meyer, Vincent L.

The Learning Years
By Michaels, Bernard L.

Letters of Captain William S. Mitchell, 1st Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry
By Mitchell, William S.

Dan Muller; Protoge of Buffalo Bill Cody
By Wilbert, Norman H.

The Nyes of Fremont: An American Story (Includes information about Anna End in Sheboygan)
By Hanson, James R.

Quiet Witness (A)
By Olm-Stoelting, Paul H.

My Yesterdays: An Autobiography
By Pauls, Dayton F.

Return to the Falls: Memories of a round trip
By Payne, Neil F.

Don't Let Me Sleep 'til Noon (Includes Pesch, Calvey and Brown Families)
By Pesch, Joseph A.

Crunching Gravel:  A Wisconsin Boyhood in the Thirties
By Peters, Robert

I Remember Father and Others
By Pfeiffer, Robert Fulton

John P. Phelan: Civil War Soldier
By Ruppel, Jeanne, compiler

Selected Chapters from There Were Good Times, There Were Bad Times...
By Piaskowski, Ralph E.

The Hiram Purdy Family History
By Purdy, Hiram

Pine Logs and Politics: A Life of Philetus Sawyer 1816-1900
By Current, Richard Nelson

Those Almost Forgotten Days
By Schmahl, Lou Eva

Through the Years...: My First and Last Writings of By-Gone Days
By Schmahl, Lou Eva H.

And That's the Way It Was!
By Schomberg, Roland

The Story of My Life
By Schoss, Harvey W.

Diary of Albert P. Schultz (January 1937- December 31, 1941)
By Schulz, Albert P.

Carl Schurz, Patriot
By Tutt, Clara

Margartethe Meyer Schurz, A Biography
By Swart, Hannah Werwath

Life of Oscar J Spieker
By Spieker, Oscar J

Stannard Family Letters: Greenbush
By Stannard Family

My Lifes Story
By Thiry, Mary

Letters of a Forty-Niner
By Trowbridge, B. C.

Letters from Wilhelm:  Correspondence of J. A. W. Ubbelohde, 1824-1871
By Ubbelohde, Johann August Wilhelm

Diary of Maria Child Walker Underhill
By Underhill, Maria

Autobiography of Henry A. Verhulst (The)
By Verhulst, Henry A.

William Freeman Vilas
By Merrill, Horace Samuel

Witness to History: A Refugee from the Third Reich Remembers
By Von Elbe, Joachim

The Ministries of Pastor von Rague in the Sheboygan County Area, 1864-1870 (St. Peter UCC - Town of Rhine)
By Horneck, Fredrick

Yesteryears, A Brief Story of My Past
By Voskuil, Nelda

Branded Hand:  The Struggles of an Abollitionist
By Koppelmann, Elmer R.

Jonathan Walker: The Man with the Branded Hand
By Oickle, Alvin F.

George Wetzel, A Brotherton of Distinction
By Vanderhoef, Tim

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